Celebrity Freebie List - Monday

Abrupt change of course and time for something a little risqué. This week will be focused on a consumer facing product, specifically the celebrity list AKA freebie list AKA laminated list. For those not familiar, the list is short list of celebrities whom you are allowed to sleep with if given the opportunity. Originally made popular by an episode of Friends

I'll be using Java (maybe Python) on Google App Engine for this project. I've never used App Engine prior to this but it's free. And so far I've managed to avoid any hosting costs in my previous projects. The secondary benefit is it should run indefinitely without monitoring or maintenance. This seems particularly relevant since during initial research I stumbled on 3 facebook apps that did something similar to what I'm proposing. All of them threw an error on loading. Either they never worked or they have since been abandoned

Project Summary: Build an application in Java or Python on Google App Engine to allow users to create and save their list of celebrity freebies.

Planned Features:
  • Auto-complete
  • Image search
  • Facebook app setup and integration
  • Post to social networks
  • Google AdSense sign up and setup
If There's Time:
  • Port to either Java or Python for speed comparison