Image Processing - Friday

It's been a long five days. Every time I considered writing an update I realized how far behind I was and decided to crank out some code instead. It looks like it paid off too. I have a functioning Sinatra application which I've named SinMagick. I've even uploaded the initial source checkout to github. I'll be following it up with a few bug fixes, documentation and tests. More details to follow on Saturday and Sunday when I wrap up the last few items on the ToDo list below.

Check out the final feature list below as well as some screen shots of the app in action below.

File and URL Uploading via standard POST
Storage to multiple locations (S3 and local disk)
Support for Redundant Storage with configurable priorities
Scaling, cropping, rotation, grayscale, format changes
Caching of transformed images
Image efficiency calculator (Determines whether PNGs should be JPGs instead)
Easily add other transforms
Open Source

EC2 AMI Setup
Load Testing

File Uploader for Diagnostics Uploaded File
Raw Image Output Transformed Image
Photo Obtained from Wikipedia
Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0