Friend Boost - Monday

Lets start off by saying I'm horrible at maintaining friendships. According to facebook I have 95 friends, of these I haven't seen most of them in more than 6 months. I reach out occasionally via instant messenger or facebook. But I rarely call folks out of the blue and I'm not likely to respond to a voicemail or text message. So what's a guy like me supposed to do? This is where I need a CRM for my friends. Most of the tools in the space (Gist, Etacts, Rapportive) are geared towards businesses trying to manage their twitter and facebook accounts or sales people trying to stay in touch with professional contacts. None seem to manage the day to day aspects of trying to stay in touch with your friends. Or at least I haven't found any during my research. Look for some early facebook integration prototypes by mid-week.

Project Summary: Build a webapp using Ruby on Rails to help manage social relationships.

Planned Features:
  • Facebook Graph Integration
  • Reminders to contact folks
  • Integration with Twilio, CloudVox or GoogleVoice
  • Google AdSense