Microcontroller - Monday

About a year ago I purchased a Teensyduino to try my hand at some low level hardware projects. I managed to get a RGB LED to fade in and out of various colors and write a small daemon to pass keyboard commands over the serial interface. All the building blocks necessary to build some nice mood lamps and put it on my bookshelf. Or perhaps create a big-red-button switch so I could fire off deployments. I bought some more parts periodically but never finished the projects up. Well, now is the time. Because these are all relatively small I'm going to lump them in to the same week. There's a good chance I'll be cursing my ambitiousness on Sunday.

Equipment and tools:
  • Breadboard
  • Teensy 1.0 (16KB Flash, 512B RAM) & Teensy++ 1.0 (64K Flash, 4K RAM)
  • Keypads
  • 7 segment LED displays
  • RGB LEDs
  • Big Red Button & Switches
  • IKEA spice jars with glass beads
  • Plenty of wire, resistors and solder
Project Summary:
  • Build a pleasant light display for the bookshelves
  • Build a missile command launch system with keypad, safety switch and big red button. Perfect for deployments.
  • Build a meeting clock to display the escalating cost of a meeting

Big Red Button Keypad
7 Segment Displays Teensy & Teensy++