API/SaaS Wrapper - Friday

And it all comes together. I'll be spending some free hours Saturday and Sunday polishing the project up and adding some features from my "Nice to have" list. But otherwise it's good to go. While it isn't yet close to a direct competitor to Mashery's platform I feel like it's going to be a pretty strong contender for the lazy developer in us all who doesn't want to have to tack on access keys, signing and rate limiting to their existing product in order to make their API publicly accessible. I'll post a final wrap up on Sunday.

Exciting Features, Developed and Working
  • Proxy multiple APIs via CNAME or path with a single instance
  • Developer provisioning with access keys, secrets and signing options
  • Configurable default and per developer rate limits in minute, hour and day increments.
  • Standalone jetty service, google app engine compatible