The Big Game - Sunday

Video games in my teenage years were a passion for me. I spent a week living out what one might describe as my adolescent dream. And I even succeeded in developing my first game from start to finish. It's text based, it's unconventional and unfortunately it's incredibly boring. But at the very least I've finished building all of the essential game mechanics. I just failed to make it terribly interesting or worth playing. With more work it may be salvageable. But this project definetly falls into the failure category despite work being completed.

On a positive note it was fun to build out an interactive system and see a world built procedurally from a seeded random number generator. I have a new found respect for game developers. Especially the smaller indie developers trying to make it in an arena dominated by the behemoths like EA.

Tomorrow I'll outline the next project. For now we'll be going back to web apps and I'm considering jumping in with both feet into yet another framework, Django. We'll see how that turns out.