Parsing Census Data For Fun and Profit - Monday

Something that I've been missing since leaving my last job has been the opportunity to parse large data sets and pull out meaningful information. At Wetpaint I was able to write scripts and hadoop jobs to parse gigabytes of access logs. My efforts were directly responsible for identifying and removing abuse from the system as well as highlighting bottlenecks that weren't apparent at first glance. That's why this week I'll be focusing on parsing and presenting large quantities of data. First step will be parsing US Census data and providing detailed maps correlating things like education, race and income with the 2008 presidential election. Afterwards I'll move on to building out some infographics for easy digestion and consumption.

Project Summary: Develop Infographics using US Census Data

  • Parsed US Census Data
  • Queryable Database
  • Graphical Output in Vector Format
  • Pretty Infographics