Lazy Raid - Week 2 - Saturday

Not the best week for me. I was able to integrate the Jerasure library into the existing LazyRaid code. However about 1 in 20 recovery attempts fail consistently. I spent Tuesday through Thursday troubleshooting the issue and wasn't able to track down the problem. I finished integrating it but a redundancy solution that only successfully recovers something 19/20 times isn't much of a redundancy solution. For now singly disk redundancy will have to be okay.

Additionally packaging the application for Windows has proven to be an issue as well. Tools like ocra and RubyScript2Exe don't want to work without major tweaking and I just don't have the patience. For now a separate branch will be available with the compiled windows .so library for the xor calculation. Compiling it was another amazing hassle. Ruby and windows just doesn't seem to mix.

So in summary no working significant code released this week. Plenty of non-working code is available on the jerasure branch on github though. (NOT FUNCTIONAL! do not use for production data)

Check the windows branch for the compiled dll and modified disk handling code.

Tomorrow I'll post the XOR speed comparison between ruby and the native C library I wrote to handle the XOR calculation.