Festivus Greetings - Monday

Prior to moving to Chicago I threw the wildest, most extravagant Festivus parties every year during the holiday season [citation needed]. We deep fried turkeys, had a toasty fire going, served copious amounts of alcohol and adhered to the strict traditions of a made up holiday. There was a poll which pictures were taken with, an airing of grievances and Festivus wasn't over until the host was pinned. Truly a marvelous holiday.

This year I'll be away from my friends in a strange city but I still want the Festivus cheer to be a part of my life. So this week's project will center around developing a site and backend components to allow people to post their Festivus greetings and grievances.

Project Summary: Website to allow users to view and post their festivus greetings.


  • Greeting Playback
  • Built in browser based webcam recording
  • RTMP stream handling to back browser based webcam recording
  • Youtube and Vimeo integration