The Future of 50projects

Over the last 5 months I've done a lot of work that I'm proud of. However the revenue and traffic has been far lower than even my most conservative estimates. I think I'm a decent software developer but I am not a marketer. At this point my finances are stable enough that I could continue doing 50projects for the entire year and then some but I just don't feel comfortable not collecting a paycheck. With that said I'll be starting a job search at the beginning of the new year. I've already put together a short of list of companies in the Chicago area I'll be pursuing. In addition I'm open to entertaining contract software development opportunities so please feel free to contact me if you know someone that is looking for a developer in the Chicago area or is open to telecommuting and/or light travel.

I'll post my resume shortly but my linkedin profile is a good approximation.

Until I accept a position I'll continue to do weekly projects and post the results on 50projects but the scope may be reduced as I go on interviews. Afterwards I may move to a more relaxed style of 2-4 week projects spread out over more than one year. But I fully intend to continue posting updates and releasing projects.