Subject Content Aggregator - Monday

Like a lot of people I have a handful of sites I like to visit on a daily basis. I had tried Google reader in the past and it allowed me to stay up to date on all of my favorite subjects but I found myself avoiding it because it was too much information. I just want a light taste of the subject, I don't have the time or the patience to become an authority on the subject.

That leads into this week's project, think of it like Google news with less customization and focused on specific topics. To start with I'll be selecting just two topics (video games & possibly sports) but building in functionality to support a quick build out of multiple topics in the future. Content will automatically be aggregated from multiple sources via RSS feeds, parsed, duplicate articles combined and posted to the site. The idea is to make this a completely automated process with zero-editorial oversight. Ideally this will lead to a way for people to get good content on specific subjects without having to rely on the delay of user moderated or editorially based content.

Project Summary: Customizable Content Aggregator and Presenter

  • RSS feed reader/parser/poster
  • Text analysis for article relatedness
  • Potential jekyll integration for speedy page generation and low overhead
  • Multiple topics support allowing instant spinup of other topics
  • Backend dashboard for maintenance