Those Pesky Body Scanners - Saturday

Friday was a bit of a blur as I tried to tie up all the loose ends with a project that crop up towards the end. Small bugs and minor features sneak in at the last minute and as you try to make it perfect the time slips away. I started at 9am yesterday and finished around 7pm with only a quick break for lunch. All the while I was only 30 minutes away from releasing.

The good news is that everything did indeed get sown up last night. And the Airport Security Index is now up and running. Please feel free to add new information and confirm or deny information already present. The interface is pretty simple, or at least I hope so, so you shouldn't have much trouble navigating the site.

The premise is simple. Each airport is listed with all reported security features. As folks use the site new security features will be listed and users will have the opportunity to either confirm or deny the presence of a body scanner. Additionally users can add missing information. There are some gaps right now as I could only get TSA provided information. But I'm hoping with a sufficient user base things will fill in more.


Challenges: Over all this project seems to have gone over pretty well. A slow start initially due to some technical challenges working through rails (what else is new) but Thursday and Friday were incredibly productive.