Quick Update

It's been a while since I last posted. I decided talking about a job search while it was in progress was probably a bad move. After I finally got hired I found it more and more difficult to come home at night after a long commute and spend time working on my own projects. But after a recent move which significantly reduces my commute I'm ready to jump back in.

For those interested I started working as a Software Developer at Groupon in late January and I've been doing well. I turned down some great offers and interviews but in the end Groupon seemed to offer the biggest challenge. And in the lawyers made me say it category, while I do work for Groupon my opinions are my own as well as the code that I develop outside of the office.

Expect a new post about some upgrades to the route 53 gem to support some newly released features. As well as an rspec patch I put together to support running multiple specs via line ranges.