The Big Game - Monday

Perhaps you were like me as a kid, good with computers, chalked full of a false sense of confidence, and played too many video games. This naturally left you wanting to build a video game of your own. However you had no prior experience programming and only a vague sense that you might need a compiler for something at some point. Regardless you got to work with your graph paper and started designing levels and features with your friends. The harsh realization that building a game was a lot of hard work and required some fundamentals that you might not have developer yet showed up later.

I'll let you folks in on a secret, I've never actually built a game. Not even a space invaders clone. I've started several over the years, but I've never actually gotten close to completing one. I've been kicking around an idea for a simple game. The focus will be on play rather than graphics and may even be text based. It likely won't make money, it may not even be fun, but at the very least it will be fun to try my hand at game development.

More details on exactly what the game will entail will come later in the week.

Project Summary: Build a fun, playable game. Fun optional.

  • Rudimentary Graphics
  • Text Based Interface
  • Replayability
  • Keep in mind portability to mobile and web platforms.