Those Pesky Body Scanners - Monday

Back from vacation refreshed and ready to start on another project. This week I'll be working on a site to help travelers understand the security measures in place in airports and what their options are. For example I flew through Chicago's Midway airport and the Ft. Lauderdale airport on my trip and didn't encounter one of the now infamous backscatter x-ray machines. I did however get my hands swabbed and run through what I think was a gas spectrometer looking for chemical traces of explosives and saw a senior citzen getting patted down thouroughly by a TSA agent. This seems like information an informed flier may want access to prior to flying.

Project Summary: Develop a web app to provide information on specific airport security and TSA requirements.


  • Import a list of all airports world wide.
  • Track down passenger volume data for sorting purposes.
  • Allow users to provide updates.