Festivus Greetings - Sunday

Those looking at the posting time will note that this post is title "Festivus Greetings - Sunday" when it is in fact Monday morning. I neglected to write the post yesterday. However the final version went out Saturday afternoon.

You can take a look at http://festivus.50projects.com/ Note: Taken down to save on costs

There are some issues with the webcam recording process that I've been unable to reproduce but others have run into. So please make sure to click the play button after you finish recording your message to ensure it looks okay. And when in doubt just reload the page and record again.

The backend on this turned out to be more complicated than I had hoped requiring the setup of a VPS server (Linode) to host a Red5 server. On the plus side I hadn't had the opportunity to work with Ruby enterprise edition or nginx before. Setup was a breeze after I got my bearings. I'm particularly impressed by REE's memory footprint for a single instance of my app (29Mb).