The Superior Hiking Trail - Rain Gear

New Rain Gear

I was fortunate to find the Marmot PreCip jacket and pants on sale and picked them both up. Reviewers give it high marks and inexpensive is a combination I can’t resist.

Shortly after I picked it up we had a perfect Saturday here in Chicago. My SO was at work, the temps were above freezing, the wind was blowing, and it was raining.

I’m sure I looked a bit odd trudging up the Lakefront Trail in the rain with a pack on my back but it needed to be done for SCIENCE! April 30th Chicago

14-miles there and back, it was a good test. I ended up staying mostly dry. The places I ended up getting wet were my trail runners, which aren’t supposed to be waterproof, but did drain well. I neglected to bring gloves and ended up with some wet and cold hands. I also left my waterproof pants back pocket unzipped, didn’t realize it until I got home, and found the right-side of my rear-end soaked.

At the end of the trail.

I did find out that my pack is definitely not waterproof. It even collected a couple of inches of water on the inside which I had to pour out in the sink. I’ve obtained a waterproof pack cover which should fix that problem up.

Here’s hoping my trip on the Superior Hiking Trail will be clear and dry, but if it isn’t at least I know I’ll be prepared.